Global Trends: Laid Back Living

Global Trends: Laid Back Living

One of the 6 Top Interior trends from 2021 at Mansion Global discussed Laid-Back Living.

Quoting Ms. Gandhi, "All this quality time at home, layouts are becoming increasingly informal. People are moving away from traditional entertaining or dining spaces in favour of more laid-back living arrangements, where curved, sculptural and playful furniture works particularly well.” Because of this more relaxed way of living, materials and finishes are following suit. Organic has largely replaced glam. Natural woods, industrial metals and unfinished stone are in and high-gloss brass and lacquer is out, Mr. Buckner said. “The more they live on them, the more people want their pieces to be highly functional and not precious”, he said.   

A Home designed in a laid-back style sparks those never-ending conversations we enjoy. A cosy spot filled with warm elements accompanied by natural tones is more relaxing to the mind and naturally creates a free feeling.

Adding a laid back charm along with being multifunctional is the DaisyLife Storage cum Side table and the Caddy Basket.

The Wicker side table & storage


With a lot of character and ease, the Wicker Side Table storage basket gives it a laid-back, relaxed vibe especially when it draws its core from nature itself.

Not only can you store books, extra cushions and throws in the basket but you can also take them out as and when needed to unwind and relax. Turn it into a side table and set up a spot where ever you decide to chill. Talk about repurpose!

The natural tone of the side table storage basket completely blends in with every space giving off that "kick back and relax" vibe.

The Handy caddy basket


The Caddy basket is portable, easy to park and use as you wish to. 

While you opt for informal, relaxed layouts for your space, these are the accessories that go well with the whole intention of playing around with them and being at ease! 

This lovely basket can be kept at the centre of your table to hold bottles or serve as a decor piece filled with scented candles and flowers.

Use it to carry your pile of books around wherever you feel like laying down for the day making it easier to stay organized and keep everything handy. 

Carry the fruits and snacks with you, set up breakfast in bed or little home picnics on the balcony, this accessory is the definition of an aide for laid-back living.


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