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Changing the way we serve & share

Have you ever used baskets to serve food or snacks at home? We do see it in hotels and restaurants however it didn't seem so common at home and we wonder why?  

Serveware baskets

Baskets can be used to serve cakes, bread, roti, idlis, papad at meal times or for serving cookies and snacks like sandwiches, fries, dry fruits etc to guests. Like it was always done - see our conversation with Aaji to know how.

Wicker roti, bread basket


This Diwali we launched our campaign #socialbaskets to promote sharing homemade sweets and snacks to neighbours.

Sweets Basket


Baskets for sharing sweets
Food basket

It looked lovely and made the whole sharing and gifting experience special.

Snack basket


Easy to serve, dust and reuse, the baskets are low maintenance, look good and last forever. The wicker ones can also be washed once in a while and sun-dried if you want to clean it out and make it look like new. It is recommended to store them in a dry place that's all.


Natural material, no washing and handmade serveware to complement your homemade food... we are setting the table with baskets this month! In fact we went ahead and served hot chocolate cups in them as well, talk about upping the coziness eh?

Think about giving it a try?


Social baskets


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