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Global Trend: Repurpose

Global Trend: Repurpose

Baskets being our main line of products, we are a big fan of everything Multi-Purpose and as an old, homegrown business working with natural, handmade, daily use genre... Repurposing is in the DNA.

Repurposing for us saves money, time (no need to put the effort to hunt, choose buy) and it feels fabulous!

Like the time we discovered we could make tags out of old shipping boxes or the bits left from the boxes in-house. Or collecting extra materials from tailoring shops to make packing bags. 

At work, we have repurposed planks as shelves, counters as kitchen unit in the pantry, paint tubs as pots for plants, old cafe furniture for office tables, damaged wooden plates as pot plates and many more. Whenever something new is needed, we first look at whether we have something in house that can be repurposed.

We would love our products also to be RE-PURPOSABLE for you.

So here are 3 favourites-

1. Picnic Basket repurposed as Planter

Picnic basket


The picnic basket gets a lot of love. So if you get one and wondering what to do with it when you are not picnicking, read 6 ways to use a picnic basket  

If ever you decide there's no more picnics or storage happening in it, you can convert it into a planter! Yes, it's outdoor savvy, earth friendly, super strong and can easily hold a few pots inside. Or just line it with a thick plastic sheet, stick it with a glue gun, poke a few holes through the sheet at the bottom and you can plant right inside it.

2. Bamboo Toothbrush repurposed as a drainage rim scraper

Bamboo Toothbrush

This has life even after you are done with brushing your teeth with it. Rinse it with hot water, soak in house hold vinegar and feel free to go ahead and use it to clean corners and edges for sinks and drainages.

3. Crown Basket as a Collage Photo frame

Crown basket

Got an old Crown basket you no longer need or has the center worn off? Turn it into a photo collage. The weave is easy to snuck in all the Polaroids you have. Easy to put on the wall with command hooks or read here on how to put up wall baskets.

The joy of buying new things is undeniable, the satisfaction of having used things to their full potential is exuberating. In the journey for sustainable living, there are simple ways to extend the life of little things without much ado.

Reduce. Recycle. Reuse. REPURPOSE


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