A Potpourri Basket to get the outdoor inside

A Potpourri Basket to get the outdoor inside

Do you collect little flowers, leaves, twigs, pebbles, shells from your trips or strolls outdoors? Like maybe the pine cones you found when taking a walk on that holiday in Canada? Or the sea-shells you collected walking on the beach in Goa? Maybe the flowers you picked hanging around in the neighbourhood? Or the leaves that caught your attention? 

Collecting and keeping these finds for nature is the real stuff. Absolutely original, natural, made magically by nature. Keeping these around are the treasures of life and at least for now feels like we can always get more.

Dry those flowers and leaves, clean up the shells and pebbles and get all your favourite finds or buy a bag of pot-pourri from the store to make these 4 beautiful natural spots in your favourite space- 

1. A basket for the Coffee Table

Bamboo Pot pourri basket

Add a fresh essential oil like lemon, orange, lotus, a pretty piece to the basket or a little bowl of candies/ nuts.

Bamboo potpurri basket

2. Hand cream dispenser basket for Washroom/ Powder Room

Drop a fragrance like rose, a bowl to keep the jewellery while washing or keep the hand cream in it.

Bamboo Basket in Wash room

3. A jewellery keeper for the Dressing Table

Add your favourite perfume, and use it to hold your jewellery and hair ties. It will all smell wonderful (do not spray on the jewellery)

Bamboo Basket for Jewellery

4. Spa basket for the Bath Tub 

Bamboo Basket in Bath essentials

Keep your bath always ready. Lavender, Eucalyptus fragrances, your oils, candles.

Add your favourite essential oil once in a while and enjoy nature at home easily.


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