How to put up Gallery Wall Baskets?

How to put up Gallery Wall Baskets?

These days, isn't Pinterest quite the new google? Especially for people like all of us, who loooveee to see and admire.. keep admiring.. losing track of time..

What we recently saw trending on Pinterest was 'BASKET WALL DECOR', and within no time we had super cool collabs on our Instagram. And everyone had this one big question from our #DaisyFam -

"How do we put it up on the wall? Especially if we later want the arrangement changed?"

Here you go!

No drilling, no nails, all you need is this super duper, heavy duty "Techzex Double Sided Sticky Strip" that works on most surfaces available on Amazon.

  1. ​Layout the arrangement on the floor and measure the length and breadth of the arrangement
  2. ​Mark the size on the wall
  3. ​Turn the basket upside down on the floor
  4. ​Cut at least 2 inch strips of TechZex tape and stick all around the edges of the back of the basket
  5. ​Un peel the strip of each basket and press the basket lightly on the position marked on the wall as per the arrangement. Follow similarly for all the baskets
  6. ​See if you are happy with the setup. Then fix the baskets by pressing them well in their positions.

​That's it! It sticks and stays. You don't have to worry about drilling and you are free to mix it up unless you are looking to hang some heavy planters then we suggest you hook the basket to the wall.

Sticky tapes not staying up?

If the sticky tapes are not doing the work, here's another option that works beautifully for indoor walls. Yes it needs nails but no drilling and it's still an easy, clean option. The tiny holes are very easy to cover up as well later if need be.

Nails for wall baskets

So the trick is to use these thin nails called 'Carpenter's Nails' available at all hardware stores. They are easy to hammer into the walls and work well for putting up these lightweight baskets and small objects or installations like we did for our new Gallery Wall Collection 'Life~2022'.

'Mountain Life' Gallery Wall Decor

'Desert Life' Gallery Wall Decor

How to design?

Here are some pictures below from our #DaisyCollabSquad that'd help you with a boost of new Wall Basket Ideas! 

Wall basket
Image Credits: @cozyquirk
Feature Wall Baskets Decor

 "Constellation Aquila" in wicker baskets - inspired by the Summer night sky

Basket Gallery Walls

"Constellation Aquila" in colourful bamboo baskets - inspired by the Summer night sky

'Sea World' Gallery Wall Decor

'Life by the Lake' Gallery Wall Decor


In case you need help or we missed something, feel free to drop a message on our Instagram or drop a comment below - we are at your service :) 

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