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How to take care of bamboo baskets?

by Tanvi Pinjarkar

DaisyLife "First bamboo" collection of bamboo baskets

DaisyLife natural bamboo flower basket care tips

Bamboo is supernatural, a power of nature. It's that one go-to natural resource that can provide complex construction solutions like scaffolding, and at the same time lend it's simplicity to a fruit basket the table or a soothing lampshade to brighten up your mood when you come exhausted from a long tiring day at work.

It's always a matter of inter-dependency between nature and us.

Bamboo is such a 'giving' natural element. It's a mere grass species, yet proving to be the fastest growing antibacterial renewable resource and hence the best sustainable options available to us. And taking care of your bamboo products is as easy!

All of us at DaisyLife are big time bamboo lovers! Our doting bamboo baskets are dear to us. They make us feel loved, calm and keep us grounded with their simplicity!

We have them everywhere right from our restroom with a scented candle in it, to a planter basket on our workstation (we look at these to sooth our sight from the jarring lights of our screens), at our coffee corner with tissues in them, and also on our meeting table as flower baskets to offer some visual delight to our visitors.

So how do we maintain these? Just remember these 4 things, and it's well maintained already:

1. Dusting: To make baskets, bamboo is shaved and handwoven. These bamboo strips have a shiny and smooth texture. Unlike our wicker baskets, dirt only settles on the immediate outer surface. It can be easily fixed by simply wiping it with a duster or brushing it off. 

2. No washing: Bamboo is a really simple material. So over-treating it with hard soaps, soaking in water, washing rigorously with soap liquid etc is not recommended at all. 

3. Sun dry: In case of contact with water, let the bamboo basket/s dry completely with the help of natural air and sun. At the end of the day, it's a plant fiber, a species of grass which loves fresh air and bright sun!

4. Keep in dry area: Store/place them in dry area, to maintain the overall texture, color and durability of the product. They cannot be kept in water continuously with no breather.. unless its the bamboo plant. Please keep roots in water!

To sum it all, bamboo is simple and easy to use and care.. no washing and occasional dusting!


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