How to clean wooden combs?

How to clean wooden combs?

Wondering how to clean a wooden comb?

Well since the plastic world took over, more than a couple of generations have missed the transition and handling wooden products seems a bit complicated. We understand.

Yes, plastic is maintenance proof, convenient and easy to replace. However, wooden combs have several benefits for your hair besides being environment friendly and a pleasure to use, EVERY TIME.

Reaching out for the hair brush every time you see a mirror or often fixing your hair subconsciously, then this is for you! DaisyLife Wooden Combs are super easy to maintain just like their plastic counterparts.

Available in various options, you’ll find a fit for your gorgeous mane and here is how you take care of it- SIMPLE AND EASY.

  1. Wet the comb teeth under the tap.
  2. Take an old brush and give a scrub between the teeth where dirt is likely to accumulate.
  3. Use simple hand wash for disinfecting or removing built up germs.
  4. Rinse it out under the tap.
  5. Leave for 15-20 mins in a sunny space.
  6. Store in cool, dry area.
  7. Wash as often as you need. These last for years, even longer than the plastic ones!


Taking care of yourself is in the little things you do and we believe keeping the head happy might be everything!

Building a modern lifestyle that is a part of nature, connected to nature, growing with nature.

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