A Cat Basket- Why cats love wicker baskets?

A Cat Basket- Why cats love wicker baskets?

Cat basket

Cats like to squeeze themselves into small spaces. They crawl into drawers, baskets, and boxes. ... Cats have a natural need for warmth and protection; their ever-present instinct tells them to be alert to dangers that might sneak up on them when they are dozing. If the enclosure has a top, that's even better.

"Cats are cryptic animals; they like to hide," Stephen Zawistowski, science adviser for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, told Business Insider. "And a box gives them a place of safety and security."

Our office cats, friends and cats parents from the #DaisyFam show us how much cats love wicker baskets.

Cats and wicker baskets seem to have an unusual yet beautiful bond.

Here are some reasons why cats love wicker baskets- 

1. Warmth of wicker

Cat basket

It's never a surprise when we find our beloved furry friends napping in the warm wicker basket all cosy and cuddled up. The natural material is chemical free, perfect for all seasons for your cat.

2. Safe and Strong - For indoor and outdoor

Cat Basket

Cats are no different than wild cats, they're just as alert are continuously aware yet curious of their surroundings. This attracts them to close and tight spaces making this basket with lids and a strong handle, the perfect place for them to hide or nap in at home and carry around when you go to the vet, for a picnic or hangout together.

3. Good for scratching

Cat basket

If you're a cat parent then you're probably aware of how much cats love getting their claws on handwoven wicker. Cats love natural texture to enjoy their scratch party. A wicker basket is a scratch haven for cats.

4. See through weaving

Wicker baskets have tiny peepholes through which cats love to peek, the perfect place for them to keep an eye out from their safe space.

There is nothing better than a wicker basket for your cats. It is strong, natural, warm and cosy for your four-pawed furry babies.

Cat basket


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